Pioneering the Virtual Kitchen Revolution

The restaurant industry has been distressed for years. Now with the 2020 pandemic, many establishments have had to close their doors forever. Picking up themselves or having their meals delivered by the restaurant, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, or Door Dash, ordering takeout is the Restaurant Patrons new normal. Our gourmet food factory, which is one building, one kitchen, and multiple restaurant concepts, allows for us to offer our customers something different and delicious every day of the week.The factory approach leverages our significant investment in technology, employees, equipment and real estate.

Technology, Equipment, and Real Estate

We are a technology company committed to developing the best systems to:

❖ Communicate with our customer base
❖ Process phone calls
❖ Process orders
❖ Maintain cleanliness
❖ Track our sales data and costs
❖ Make deliveries to our customers
❖ Manage our employees and our processes
❖ Manage our suppliers

To ensure customer satisfaction, our employees strive to:

❏ Maintain product consistency
❏ Greet all Customers
❏ Help them order
❏ Answer their questions
❏ Fulfill customer needs efficiently
❏ Fix mistakes quickly

To continue to grow leading brands, our focus is on:

❏ High quality cooked from scratch food offerings
❏ Efficient ticket times
❏ Order accuracy
❏ Clean and quality packaging
❏ Digital communication and management of customer base

Hospitality is Key

We are in the hospitality business…we strive to keep our customers happy
and well fed. We are always getting new customers and building loyalty with existing customers.

Meet Our Team