Dear Loyal Customers, Vendors, Associates and Friends, 

We are thrilled to announce the immediate reopening of our in store dining service and the Grand Opening of our full cocktail bar! Come and enjoy our food, atmosphere, and music this weekend. 

The Covid virus crisis challenged our world, our country and our community to a degree only seen two or three times in the past 100 years. It has been devastating to many industries, none more so than the restaurant industry. As we reopen our dining room, we wanted to let you know how we spent the last year and what you can expect from us going forward. Tomlinson Brands decided to play offense during this past year by investing significant time and money in our three most important assets required to serve our loyal customers.

Firstly, we invested in our Employees. Our associates are the backbone of our business. We hired professional chefs that are talented, hardworking and passionate about bringing our customers delicious food. At least one and up to three chefs work every shift. They are always available to solve problems and maintain consistency every hour of every shift, every single day. We committed to paying all associates a living wage of no  less than $15 an hour. We implemented paid vacation, sick time policies, and a 401(k) with a 50% match for all of our associates.

Secondly, we invested in our Property, Plant and Equipment. We built special rooms to process and serve all take-out and delivery orders. The rooms were built to minimize the risk of transmission of germs and viruses and to efficiently process all food and beverage orders to be consumed outside the building.  We expanded our kitchen, acquired new equipment to allow for much higher volumes of food preparation, and added full service cocktail bars to offer our customers a full dining experience. 

Thirdly, we invested in our business systems. We completely replaced all of our Point of Sale, Accounting, and Telephone Systems. We also added new cutting edge software solutions to integrate our websites with our third party delivery partners systems. These significant investments have allowed us to:

  • Convert our real estate into a Gourmet Food Factory where more of our other restaurant brands can operate using the same space. That’s right, now you have more options from completely separate and distinct menus. In addition to Miss Mabel’s, we have opened Cafe du Wake, MyWay Burgers, and Fratboy Wings.
  • Offer completely contact free service for those who want it and minimize person to person contact for everyone in our building.
  • Offer state of the art online ordering which allows for the most efficient, accurate and convenient way to order and pay for your meal. 
  • Offer delivery directly to your home or business which can be done in two ways: 

(1) Directly from us for $4.99. Just go to any of our websites and order for delivery. You will then order your food from our “in store menu” at “in store pricing.”

(2) Through third party delivery services from their menus at those prices subject to their fees and charges. You can find us on Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub. 

On behalf of Miss Mabel’s Hot Chicken, Cafe du Wake, Fratboy Wings, and MyWay Burgers, Tomlinson Brands thanks you for your loyalty and looks forward to hosting you for some delicious grub, ice cold beer and a frosty cocktail. 


Mark Dawejko 


Tomlinson Brands